Khanna, Tarun.

Billions of entrepreneurs : how China and India are reshaping their futures and yours / Tarun Khanna. - Boston, Mass. : Harvard Business Review Press, 2011. - xi, 353 p.

Includes bibliographical references (p. 313-334) and index.

Contents : Reimagining China and India -- Statecraft: the art, science, and illusion of governing 2.4 billion people -- Bias and noise: information accessibility in China and India -- Fiat and fairness: why China can build cities overnight and India cannot -- Manna and miasma: meandering through the Chinese and Indian financial firmaments -- Infosys and TCL: unshackling indigenous enterprise -- Microsoft and Metro: views from the world's corner offices -- Diaspora dividends: paragons and pariahs from the overseas Chinese and Indians -- Village engineering and reengineering: in search of rural fortunes -- Barefoot doctors and medical tourists: futile attempts to confront the grim reaper -- Old and new roads to Mandalay: hard power in Burma and beyond -- Buddha and software: old links and new -- Corporate bridges: linking China, India, and the West.



China--Economic policy.
China--Foreign economic relations.
India--Economic policy.
India--Foreign economic relations.

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